Laptop & Monitor Repairs - Mail in service

We offer complete repair services for all LCD displays found in laptops and monitors including backlight replacement, inverter repairs and repolarization.

Some common issues include:

  • Flickering, red or pinkish hue to the display and even total darkness.
  • These symptoms are a result of a failed or aging backlight or a failed, damaged or non-operating power inverter responsible for powering the CCFL lamp. Our "complete backlight repair service" is backed by a 1 year service warranty.

  • Scratches on the lcd panel
  • - Our repolarization service will restore the LCD to its original new condition by actually replacing the surface of your LCD screen. Our expert technicians, clean room facility, and unmatched quality control standards ensure for perfect results everytime.

    Complete Laptop Display Repair Service
    Complete Monitor Repair Service
    Regular price: $165.00
    Sale price: $145.00
    Backlight Replacement
    Regular price: $125.00
    Sale price: $115.00
    LCD repolarization
    Laptop BoxesCCFL lamp soldering
    Regular price: $34.95
    Sale price: $25.00
    If you are experiencing any issues with dimming, a hard to read screen, a pink or reddish hue to your screen, or simply no illumination due to age or dropping the unit, then you are definitely in need of our backlight repair services.

    We utilize the highest quality lamps available, manufactured in our own manufacturing facilty to ensure maximum performance. These repairs are warranted from one year of purchase.

    For service:

    You will be sending your complete LCD screen, monitor or complete laptop. Some people prefer to remove their LCD's from their notebooks before sending and others simply send their complete notebook. Either option is acceptable.

    It is extremely important that you review the "safe packaging" section of our site. On the rare occasion that the shipping carrier is less than careful, proper packaging ensures that your device arrives to us undamaged.

    Please remember, you can always call us at 714-694-0588 or email should you have any questions. We are here to help.