LCD tutorial

CCFL Replacement Pictorial

Listed below is a typical laptop disassembly.

This is most likely not the exact model you will be servicing,

however it is indicative of what you will find in most models.

They are all relatively the same and we hope this tutorial

will give you a basic idea on the scope of backlight replacement.

(hp pavillion zt1000)

Unplug AC from unit or remove battery pack from your laptop.
Remove rubber tabs to expose assembly screws.
Remove assembly screws.

Carefully detach faceplate from lcd panel assembly.

LCD panel frame assembly in plain view.

Remove LCD panel frame assembly screws [2 - 4]

Swing away LCD panel from back casing toward keyboard.

Disconnect the LCD panel from the power inverter.

Disconnect the ribbon_type connection from CPU to LCD panel.

LCD panel held in place by [2-4] outer screws.

Remove LCD Panel

Remove adhesive foil to release CCFL housing.

CCFL housing may be slightly tacky easily removed.

Old CCFL bulb is carefully removed from housing CCFL housing removal complete.

Desolder or clip away wiring from old CCFL bulb.
Note the mercury build up from old bulb.
Silicone rubber end caps slide up wiring for CCFL bulb length measurement and later reassembly.

Trim CCFL bulb end_prong. Reposition silicone endcap.
Lamp is ready for reassembly